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  Stadium Seat Cushions…an instant winner

Stadium Seat Cushions


Stadium Seat Cushions


Stadium cushions with your company logo go every game providing excellent brand exposure to all surrounding fans. This is an item that is perfect year round for all sports enthusiasts. They are equally popular whether given out as a promo item or sold at school Fund Raisers. Seat Cushions  are very popular as there is a diverse selection to choose from and there is a style to fit EVERY budget.  Many different shapes are also available whether it be your traditional Square shape, Rectangle, Round or Oval shape. There are even cushions in the shape and image of footballs, baseballs, soccer balls...and more!   There are  styles from chair cushions to tote bag kits …The selection is endless.
Seat Cushions also range in thicknesses of 1/2" to 3" and come in a rainbow of colors, so if you want to compliment your company logo or duplicate your school colors, you can!  Different styles are available as well from the basic cushion, to one with a pocket on one side, to folding cushions all the way to the deluxe version that has a back attached. You also have a choice of materials. There is the ever popular vinyl or cell foam or you may want to choose the durable and comfortable non woven material. All cushions feature a carrying handle for easy transport.
But probably the most important reason for choosing a seat cushion is the HUGE imprint area. Your Logo and Message will be seen by all!  You can't go wrong with our Stadium Cushions. They are all high quality and the cushion itself as well as the imprint are durable and will last forever keeping you quite comfy.